Who I Am

I have demonstrated success in a wide range of roles, from content creation to large-scale team leadership to magazine publication to grassroots fundraising. In a media environment that is always evolving, I have the diverse skill set that meets the needs of this ever-changing landscape.

At my core, I am a writer.

My portfolio spans long-form print feature writing and short-form real-time reporting on topics ranging from politics to arts and culture. In addition, I have tangible experience with brand and PR copywriting as well as content strategy and creation for various social media platforms. This is all to say that the breadth of my experience is what sets me apart in an oversaturated and fragmented culture. I pride myself on my ability to mold my talents to the goals of the brand, the sensibilities of the audience, and the strengths of the medium.

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Behind the Scenes of Northwestern’s Third Annual Pow Wow

For juniors Mel McDaniel and Alivia Britton, the annual Northwestern Pow Wow has helped define their college experience.

They have been planning, learning, and promoting the event since September, with their work finally culminating in a vibrant celebration at the end of April in Welsh-Ryan Arena. The Third Annual Pow Wow hosted local Indigenous drum, dance, and singing groups, as well as vendors and guest appearances from other Northwestern student organizations.

Religious Wisconsinites Face a Crossroads of Both Politics and Faith

The United States Constitution may attempt to enforce the separation of church and state in the legal and political arenas, but doing so in the minds of voters is another beast entirely. Even as the proportion of religious Americans declines, around 70% of the US population still reports adhering to some faith.

In the United States, religious participation is associated with higher rates of civic engagement. Thus, it becomes an urgent political priority to deduce what influence faith-based conv

Chicago Public Schools Struggle to Address Educational Inequity

Pristine glass-paneled walls overlook the city of Chicago in some of the wealthiest, most prestigious high schools in the country. Their programs are well-funded and their students are destined for Ivy Leagues. Several miles south of these upscale North Chicago schools are a plethora of underfunded, unrenovated neighborhood schools, many of which are struggling to retain basic necessities.